Friday, March 26, 2010

J Day: JellO Jigglers and Jumping

We had J Day today at Suzy's house. Suzy and family have been in the process of moving into our apartment complex (hooray!) so we haven't had a letter day in awhile. But it was a very short trip today to just walk a few doors down to do some fun J activities with them.

Suzy had the boys start by giving them a paper with a big J and a little j on it and also a lot of words that start with J. The boys counted 12 J's on their page. Then they got to decorate it with stickers. Scientist was thrilled that the stickers were from the movie Cars, one of his favorites.

Next Suzy brought out a cookie sheet of Jello and some small cookie cutters. The boys cut out Jello Jigglers. They had a good time doing that, and an even better time eating them afterwords. :) The picture isn't of our actual jigglers. I forgot my camera so most of these were taken after the fact. Since the boys ate all the Jello, I got this one online.

After that we played a fun game. Suzy had pre-made Origami jumping frogs. Each boy got several frogs and the game was to make the frogs jump into a tupper ware container.

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