Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Today I came to the realization that I haven't posted in over month. My excuse? Two little words-Burn Out. I have a friend that jokes that President's Day is a homeschoolers D-day. You've been doing school forever and you still have forever to go before summer. Throw in a life-changing medical diagnosis, a realization that Puzzler's learning disabilities are boarding on profound, my older boys competing with a very competitive science team, a new flock of chicks (more to come on that one) and the usual illnesses of winter and small wonder I can barely keep my head above water!

Several times over the last few weeks I've found myself wondering; How I can balance my own health and sanity and the needs of my children? I've been reminded that homeschooing moms often try to be the ultimate super moms. Especially as an unschooler it feels like the work of educating is never done. There are always more books to read, more projects to work on, more educational opportunities to take advantage of. On top of that there's always that nagging little issue of housework and the occasional grocery shopping trip! So we go and go and go until life really isn't fun anymore and there is no more joy in the journey.

So how does a homeschooling super mom reclaim her life? It's still a work in progress but here's what I'm working on:
1. Let some things go. As hard as it is for me, being a super perfectionist, I have to let some things go. The house does not always have to be clean. I do not have to volunteer for everything my kids are involved in. And it really is O.K. to take a sick day once in a while.
2. Get organized. The busier I get, the less organized I am, which just leads to more stress and confusion, so I am back to lists; grocery lists, to-do lists, packing lists.
3. Get up earlier. I am really not a morning person but I am trying hard to get to bed earlier and get up earlier. Late at night I am rarely productive and early in the morning I can usually fit in some exercise or quiet reading time.
4. Pray and give yourself credit for what you do accomplish. Sometimes I just have to believe that everything will work out!

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