Thursday, November 12, 2009

Three Cheers for the library!

The computers at the library were offline today, so my poor children had to actually look for books at the library! Usually they throw me a token book or two on their way to the bank of computers but today they brought me book after book. We also stocked up on DVDs and books-on-tape for our Thanksgiving road trip to Arizona. I'm not sure there are enough books-on-tape in the world to make that 20 hour drive bearable, but we did our best! I love being at the library but my favorite part is actually when we get home with our stack of books. I've learned that if I want my children to read their literary finds I have to give them at least an hour of down time when we get home. They spread the books all over the place and dig through them hunting for treasure. Sometimes I let the pile sit for a day or two because as soon as I put it away they seem to forget that they have library books.

Princess talked Engineer into reading to her (aren't they adorable!) and Thinker and Puzzler dove into a new origami book. I love the quiet hum of anxiously engaged kids!

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