Thursday, November 5, 2009

Theme Day: C is for Cookie

For those of you who are not my friend on Facebook, I just recently posted my status explaining how I save paper bags at the grocery store, NOT because it's more environmentally friendly (although that is a nice plus), but because I have visions in my head of all the cool art projects Scientist and I could do together using paper bags. How many projects have I done since I started collecting? ZERO. Well, here's proof that Facebook is useful. Haha. At least, after I posted that, I came up with a way to do a project out of paper grocery bags. So now my number can say ONE instead of ZERO.

It was my turn for C today. I decided that in honor of Cookie Monster, C ought to be for cookie. A quick youtube search got me what I was looking for. The video of Cookie Monster singing "C is for Cookie", and I used that to introduce the letter C and the theme of the day, which was cooking. I told the boys that we were going to be chefs, but before we could be chefs we needed to dress like them. We made aprons out of paper grocery bags, and used yarn to have a tie behind the neck and around the waste. We let the boys glue different colored shapes cut out of construction paper onto their aprons to personalize them, and to go over the shapes and colors. Sly, hu? They didn't suspect a thing. Plus, somewhere I heard that letting kids use glue sticks is good for their small motor skills....I could be wrong, but they loved it regardless. I had also pre-made them (because I thought it was above their skill level and attention span) chefs' hats out of posterboard paper.

Then the cooking began! Chocolate Chip Cookies was the objective. It is an interesting thing to cook with two two-year-olds, but they did really well, and cooperated nicely. I had them take turns measuring the ingredients, dumping them into the bowl, and turning on the mixer. All the while making sure to point out that cup, chocolate, chip, cookie, etc. Started with C. Then they each got to scoop dough out onto their own cookie sheet, and then let Mommy put them in the oven to bake. I think they had fun, and the cookies actually turned out too!

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